Our Quality


FG PUMPS has an internal quality control system which documents and plans all the management and production activities, in order to obtain the following results:
  • Research and constant improvement of the quality of the finished product.
  • Respect, maintenance and promotion of safety and of the environment.
  • Client satisfaction
The Modus Operandi includes thorough checks on all the production steps necessary to realise the final product. Our quality control procedures also include quantitative analysis on the following:
  • Quality control on each material coming from suppliers.
  • Quality control on all the machines used to realised metal products.
  • Quality control on the production process.
  • Quality control on the finished products.
  • Quality control on packaging and shipping of products.
During the production of FG PUMPS branded products, a quality control process of each component which will be used for the final assembly of the finished product. The assembly follows a "chain" production process carried out by highly qualified and trained personnel. All the metering pumps branded FG PUMPS are tested to guarantee their correct functioning.